A Word About TICs and Financing

1155 Leavenworth #2 is a Tenancy-in-Common (TIC). TICs are not unusual in San Francisco, but the form of ownership not the same as condos. You can learn more about  TICs and how they work here.

Perhaps the biggest difference between owning a TIC and owning a condo is the loan you will need to get (if you are not paying all cash). There are only a handful of TIC lenders in San Francisco. The two that we know are approved for this building are Bank of Marin and San Francisco Federal. Before you can write an offer on 1155 Leavenworth, you will need to be preapproved by one of these lenders.

Here are loan specialists at these banks who know their way around TIC financing:

Sam Clonmell
Bank of San Francisco

Marie Jacobs
Bank of Marin